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Safe Haven Artistry

Where The Arts and Healing Come Together

Welcome friend!

We are a Soul Family of healers. We span the arts so that what calls to us may also help us give solace, healing, joy and beauty to our clients. 

We are an eclectic group of artists, writers and Reiki practitioners. 

Safe Haven is truly a place where everyone is welcome. We tell our truth through our art. We hope that we inspire you to do the same! 


Feel free to browse the pages and galleries of our work. We have many items ready for sale, however, we do take requests! Everything we create is cleansed and blessed before it's sent to you.

We provide Reiki sessions for those who need a little extra healing and peace. 

Thank you for visiting our brand new Safe Haven Artistry website! We're still under construction and growing our family so thank you for your patience. We welcome all comments and inquiries so please click on the "Contact Us" button and say hello! 

Thank you!

Tanya Sonoqui- Safe Haven Owner, Artist and Reiki healer

Jessica Duran- Writer and Consultant

David Heacock- Writer and owner of Well Read Dragon Publishing

About Safe HavenArtistry

Safe Haven comes from a place of reflection. I hadn't picked up a pencil or brush since my youth. I lost myself in the business of existing. One day, my amazing counselor and mentor asked me a question that I was not ready to put into words yet. She suggested that I draw it instead.
The road to Safe Haven started with one drawing. Art Therapy. Self-examination, acceptance, and self-care. 

It has since grown to encompass a family of like minded healers with various talents and specialties.

We are proud to offer our services to you!

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Safe Haven Artistry has partnered with The Prescott Art Market! Come by and check out the creations of over 70 local artists, including us!! We're so excited to be a part of this community. What a beautiful way to begin 2021.

Thank you!

The Prescott Art Market
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